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As avid sporting travellers, Michael and Susie Fitzgerald found a lack of sophisticated, professional services in the remote regions of the world that offered the best fishing, shooting and even elegant or bespoke non-sporting travel.

Faced with this dilemma, the Fitzgeralds’ took the only logical step; they followed their passion and Frontiers International was formed in 1969. In so doing, they have made a significant contribution to the standards and options enjoyed by today’s sporting traveller.

Frontiers’ founding principle remains our guiding light today. We strive to ensure that the experience of every trip meets and exceeds our client’s expectations through constant research and a first-hand knowledge of the opportunities the world provides. We have loyal, trusted operators all over the world who understand the requirements of today’s traveller.

With over 70 employees in the United States and Europe, we are dedicated to providing truly personal travel advice balanced with a modern, convenient service. Our Frontiers staff members are seasoned professionals who regularly visit the destinations they work with and are always researching new opportunities. From our many years of experience has evolved great knowledge and through that knowledge, further experience. In travel, there is no replacement for either and all at no extra cost to you.


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