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West Coast Adventure!


With summer just around the corner and the sun shining, I decided to seize the opportunity and escape the city crowds to explore the West Coast. Tossing the dog, a tent and some basic provisions in the car I set off on a wild camping adventure. No map and no plan I set off for the Ardnamurchan peninsular hoping to follow the winding roads up the West Coast to Arisaig and the Sands of Morar.

With sun on my face and wind in my hair, the three hour journey was a pleasure. The mountainous backdrop jaw dropping and a true delight. Tucked away along a dead end track I stumble across a secluded sandy beach. Tent pitched, I foraged the rugged coastline for edible titbits. Dinner- mussels, cooked on a bbq and finished with a squeeze of lemon. Perfection. Sun setting I wade into the pristine turquoise waters and drift in the bay watching the sun set in the distance behind the Cullin Mountains.  Refreshed after a peaceful night I awake at first light just in time to watch the sun rise and witness the wildlife come to life. Boots on and I set off on a walk across untrodden moorland, dog at my side, to explore the peninsular. I am greeted by panoramic views of the Western Isles and a private cove, a treat after a long hike. Day three and I am in Arisaig, sea kayaking around the Arisaig Skerries. Nothing compares to kayaking in calm waters spotting otters bathing on the kelp and watching seals dance beneath us. The opalescent waters akin to that of the Maldives. With a heavy heart I head for home leaving the magical West Coast behind me but taking with me memories I will treasure forever.

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